in ferias (on holiday) is a clothing brand by the Holiday family for you… our family, friends, fans, and supporters. Our hope is that once you become a part of the in ferias tribe, you feel like family. Regardless of your race, gender, social class or beliefs, we want you to feel that adventurous and positive euphoria as if on vacation (or on holiday). In addition to celebrating the same love people exude during ‘holidays’. That holiday vibe is what we are trying to spread…where every day feels like a holiday.


in ferias strengthens communities through the power of inclusive love regardless of social status, race, gender, age or any other dimension of identity. 


We envision a world where the power of love motivates movements, celebration and acts of kindness everywhere.

in ferias BRAND

Be part of the in ferias Family!

The in ferias brand is inclusive, the powerful messaging reflected on the retail helps it connect on a deeper, more meaningful level with people everywhere. in ferias reflects the actual world we live in: real people, real celebration, real family, real love.  The taglines, messaging and overall brand provides memorability through it’s progressive, thought-provoking messaging which covers controversial issues such as diversity, equity and identity. In addition to celebrating the same love people exude during ‘holidays’, the hip, urban, and contemporary brand promotes all things good, just and relevant. 

Core Values

Family – this brand is built on family and celebrates family. Not just ordinary families, but all families.

Disruptive – a brand that advocates and innovates through simple succinct messaging.

Inclusive – everybody’s brand.

Bold – brand messages that have meaning.

Iconic – a brand that’s about building legacy.

Celebratory – a brand encouraging humans to celebrate life.

Warm-hearted – a brand reminding humans to love generously.

Relevant – a brand providing messages that invoke change or meaningful thought.